Spring 2023 Courses | Jewish Studies Program

Spring 2023 Courses

Spring 2023 Religion Courses

ANTH 3110 Indigenous Peoples of North America (INT)
ANTH 3120 Indigenous Peoples of the Southwest (T,Th 3:30pm‐4:50pm)
ANTH 3300 Peoples and Cultures of the Pacific (INT)
ANTH 3700 Peoples and Cultures of South Asia (INT)
ANTH 3710 Peoples and Cultures of East Asia (INT)
ANTH 4320 Contemporary Middle East (Th 6:30pm‐9:20pm)

ARTH 4805 Topics in Medieval Art (M,W 11am‐12:20pm)
ARTH 4806 Topics in Renaissance Art (T,Th 12:30‐1:50pm)
ARTH 4825 Topics in Islamic Art (W 5‐7:50pm)

ENGL 4410 Chaucer (T,Th 3:30‐4:50pm)
ENGL 4440 Milton (M,W 2:00‐3:20pm)
ENGL 4660 Literature and the Holocaust (MW 2‐3:20pm)

HIST 4008 Ancient Religion and Magic (T,Th 9:30‐10:50am)
HIST 4216 Rome's Eastward Expansion: Punic and Jewish Wars (T,Th 3:30‐4:50pm)
HIST 4218 Late Medieval Europe (INT)
HIST 4435 American Jewish Experience (M,W,F 1:00‐1:50pm)

PHIL 2070.001 World Religions (T,Th 9:30‐10:20am)
PHIL 2070.002 World Religions (T,Th 11:00am‐12:20pm)
PHIL 3510 Hebrew Bible (T,Th 11:00am‐12:20pm)
PHIL 3570 Islam and Philosophy (T,Th 3:30‐4:50pm)
PHIL 3620 Hinduism (T,Th 11:00am‐12:20pm)
PHIL 3650 Religion and Science (T,Th 12:30‐1:50pm)
PHIL 3660 Western Religion and the Environment (T,Th 2:00‐3:20pm)
PHIL 4500 Existentialism (T,Th 2:00‐3:20pm)

SOCI 3700 Sociology of Religion (M, W 2‐3:20pm)
SOCI 3700 Sociology of Religion (INT)