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Guy Chet

Guy Chet
Professor of History
Wooten Hall 235
PhD, Yale University
Colonial America | American Revolution
Atlantic History | Military History

Guy Chet ( was raised in Ness Ziona, Israel. He earned his bachelor’s degree at the University of Haifa, and his MA and PhD at Yale University. He lives in Plano, Texas and serves as Professor of History at the University of North Texas, teaching classes on early-American and military history. His first book (Conquering the American Wilderness: The Triumph of European Warfare in the Colonial Northeast) is a study of English and American military culture. Addressing narratives of Americanization and Anglicization, it points to trends of cultural continuity between the Old World and the New. This theme of transatlantic cultural cohesion is at the heart of his second book, on Atlantic piracy and illegal trade (The Ocean is a Wilderness: Atlantic Piracy and the Limits of State Authority, 1688-1856), as well as his latest book, on the origins, nature, and ends of the American Revolution (The Colonists’ American Revolution: Preserving English Liberty, 1607-1783). Although a specialist in early-modern history, Chet’s first love was and still is Roman history.